Celebrating, Embracing and Empowering Women of Color!

​​​Living Life Fabulous at Fifty: Affirmations for Women of Color

Know that the power to Live Life Fabulous at fifty is within you!

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Dr. Culbreth facilitates the following interactive workshops, presentations, discussion groups, and webinars.

  • The Principles for Living Life Fabulous

  • Colorism and Women of Color

  • Finding Balance

  • Transitioning and Living Life Fabulous at Fifty

  • Thinking Big, Dreaming Big and Living Large

  • Negativity: Not In My World: Not Now Not Ever

  • The Fabulously Fifty Bucket List

  • Living Your Dash In Style

  • The What Next Stage In Life

  • On Being Happy

  • Positive Thought Processes

  • PEPS Well-Being

  • Psychic Prisons

  • Embracing PEPS Changes 

  • Intimacy 

  • Celebrate You

  • Peace of Mind

  • Validate Yourself Fabulous At Fifty

  • The Fabulous Fifty SWOT

  • Defying Negative Stereotypes

  • Discover Your Hidden Talent

  • The Fabulously Fifty 747 Train

  • Destination Success

  • Do Not Settle

  • Living Life Fabulous: A Metamorphosis 

  • Finding Your Passion

  • Something New, Something Different, Something Awesome

  • Getting Stuck

  • Fall In Love With Yourself

  • Set Yourself Up To Win

  • The Power Within

  • Inner Beauty Radiating On The Outside

  • Define Yourself For Yourself

  • Strong, Self-Sufficient and Self-Assured

  • One Size Does Not Fit All

  • Sisters In Unity

  • Celebrating, Embracing and Empowering Each Other

  • Evaluate The Company That Your Keep

  • Be Original 

  • Being In A Good Place

  • Dare To Be Different ​​

Speaking Engagements

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