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​​​Living Life Fabulous at Fifty: Affirmations for Women of Color

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Fabulously Fifty Women of Color

About Living Life Fabulous

​Congratulations on being a fabulously fifty woman of color!

On my fiftieth birthday, I looked in the mirror and realized that my inner beauty was radiating as I embraced being in my prime. As I began to write a new chapter in the book of my life, I felt rejuvenated and re-balanced as I began my journey in style with great enthusiasm and the promise of a fulfilling and significant future.  It did not take long for me to realize that I was in a good place. A good place psychologically, emotionally, physically and socially. I am better now that I was in my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s and I am thankful and grateful.

You see, I am a book waiting to be written, a song waiting to be sung, a legacy that must be known, a poem in all its glory, and a blessing in living color. I am a woman of color, proud, intriguing, and a diamond that continues to sparkle, even in the dimmest of light. I am living life fabulous! 

Join me as you discover being in a good place, write the melody to your song, make your legacy known, realize that you are poetry in motion, and a blessing just by being you, a woman of color living life fabulous at fifty.

Living Life Fabulous!

Dr. Culbreth 

                        Think it!  Believe it!  Do it!

                                Live Life Fabulous!​​